Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported on Monday that the Israeli police and northern district command, arrested an Israeli soldier last month after suspecting that he handed intelligence information to the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party.The detained soldier is suspected of transferring information regarding military patrols along the Israel-Lebanon border. The information includes the number of soldiers stationed at the border.

According to the Israeli police, intelligence information provided by the soldier was used in facilitating trafficking across the border.

The information was released on Monday after a gag order was lifted. The suspect is a 30-year old resident of Nazareth.

Haaretz added that two other suspects were arrested during the investigation and that they are apparently part of a drug a smuggling ring which traffics drugs from Southern Lebanon into Israel. The two are from Nazareth and Tuba town in the Galilee.

Sources in the Israeli Police department in the Galilee reported that the smuggling mainly took place in the Ghajar town which is divided by the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The commander of the Galilee region central police unit, Superintendent Shmuel Boker, said that the two other suspects are believed to be involved in recruiting the main suspect to help in smuggling drugs since ‘he has ties with drug dealers in Israel’ and is believed to have ties with Hezbollah members and other figures on the Lebanese side.