The National and International Relations Department at the Palestine Liberation Organization issued a report on Monday documenting the Israeli violations against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza during March 2008.According to the report, the Israeli army killed 121 Palestinians during the month of March 2008; among those killed were six children and one political detainee in Israeli detention facility who died from the lack of medical care.

The report also shows that 470 Palestinians were injured by Israeli army fire during and among those were 47 children.

Additionally the report stated that 12 Palestinians died in Gaza after the army prevented them from leaving the Palestinians coastal region for life saving medical care.

Regarding the daily kidnappings, the report stated that the Israeli army kidnapped 465 Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank in March of 2008 alone, thus the number of Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli army currently accounts to 11, 000 political prisoners.

The youngest political detainee is Yousif al-Ziq, two months old, who was born inside the detention. The report also shows that the baby is suffering from bad health conditions due to the lack of medical care.

Regarding the settlement activity, the National and International Relations Department report shows that the Israeli government has intensified settlement activity in the West Bank in addition to inside the city of Jerusalem. Accordingly, the Israeli army demolished 27 Palestinians homes in the West Bank, which includes the city of Jerusalem.

The report also added that 776 dunams (1 Acer = 4 dunams) of Palestinian privately-owned land in the West Bank was illegally annexed by the Israeli government for the purpose of settlement construction.