The assistant of the Israeli minister of interior, Avi Dechter, was injured by Palestinian resistance fighters on Friday near the separation fence north of the Gaza Strip. Israeli medical sources described his condition as medium.Avihi Adri, the spokesperson of the Israeli army said that "Minister Avi Dechter and a Danish delegation that were on a tour nearby the Separation fence close to Beit Hanoun town, north of the Gaza Strip, came under fire from Palestinian resistance fighters and Dechter's assistant suffered medium injuries."

He added that ground forces invaded the area which he claimed to be the source of the attack and combed it.

Yadoth Ahronot, the Israeli daily newspaper had revealed the identity of the Israeli official who was identified as Mati Gel, 30, and was taken to a nearby Israeli medical center.

Izz al Din al Qassam Brigade, the armed wing of the Hamas movement and Al Aqsa protectors, an armed group of Fateh movement, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Abu Ubeidah, spokesperson for the al Qassam Brigade, the armed wing of Hamas, was quoted as saying that "a Palestinian sniper had opened fire on the Dichter and his accompanying delegation, injuring his assistant." He affirmed that the shooting had been targeting the Minister himself.