Israeli Infrastructure Minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, stated on Saturday that the Palestinian Israeli talks are just “a Pretend", adding that if Israel wants to achieve peace it should free that Fateh leader Marwan Al Barghouthi.Ben-Eliezer added that Al Barghouthi is the only leader who would be able to stop Hamas from taking over the West Bank as it did in the Gaza Strip.

Marwan Al Barghouthi, is a known leader of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party, he is being imprisoned by the Israeli army since May 2002, and was sentenced to five life-terms.

Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, won the Palestinian elections of January 2006, later on; internal fighting took place between Hamas and Fatah which ended on June of 2007 when Hamas took total control over Gaza…

After Hamas won the elections, Israel imposed a strict siege on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and kidnapped dozens of Hamas legislators, mayors and officials. The siege is still ongoing in the Gaza Strip and more than 120 patients died due to the lack of medical equipment especially after Israel denied their transfer to hospitals outside the Gaza Strip.

Israel and the Palestinian leadership, represented by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, reinstated the peace talks after the Annapolis peace summit in Maryland – USA.

On the ground, Israel did not ease restrictions as promised, hundreds of roadblocks remain in place, and the army did not cease its invasions.  Israel also continued to violate its commitments to the Road Map Plan by continuing the construction and expansion of Israeli settlements on lands annexed from the Palestinians in the West Bank.