This weeks Indy Global Reports, brings an interview with Two Palestinian activists, who are trying to find out the truth about the missing and disappeared bodies of dead political prisoners and fighters. The "Cemetery of Numbers" is a name for secret grave yards where Israel keeps the dead bodies of its' political enemies.  There are no names to say who is buried in these graves, just metal plaques, with a file number. Who lies beneath the earth here is another military secret. The non returning of the dead is seen by Palestinians as just another way for Israel to punish the families of political prisoners. Also on Indy Global reports this week, we hear the story of how journalist Ghassan Banora of IMEMC was badly beaten by Fatah intelligence for trying to cover the Bethlehem protests against the Anapolis conference in 2007. Two young women from Nablus tell us why the refugee issue should be remembered and why they and their class mates are making a documentary and book. The show finishes with "This week in Palestine" Imemc's weekly round up of news from across the West bank and Gaza.