Hamas’ spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, rejected in a statement, faxed to press today that Israel does not say truth regarding a fueling crisis in the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli authorities have already enforced further cuts of fuel supplies.

Abu Zuhri stated that the ‘latest cuts of fuel supplies to the coastal region were not in response to the last Wednesday’s cross-border attack and that Israel had already imposed such cuts one month ago’.

‘The Israeli decision to keep the Nahal Auz fuel terminal closed signals Israel’s intentions to further tighten the blockade of Gaza, warning of what he termed ‘ serious Israeli actions on the ground’.

The Hamas official appealed to the international community to force Israel into respecting the international humanitarian law and letting in essential humanitarian needs to the coastal Strip.

Abu Zuhri’s remarks came immediately after an Israeli cabinet meeting decided this morning that the Gaza Strip doesn’t live a fueling crisis and that the ruling Hamas party tries to make use of the situation.

On the ground, an independent lawmaker and chairman of the committee to break the siege, Jamal al-Khudari, warned yesterday that Gaza would plunge into darkness in the upcoming few days, due to sharp shortage of fuel.

Israel used to let in fuel shipments to Gaza, but in September2007, the Israeli government imposed reduction of fuel shipments, leading in January2008 to a fueling crisis.