Dr. Taiseer Tamimi, Palestinian Chief Religious Justice, slammed on Wednesday the latest Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip which led to the death of 18residents, including children, and dozens of injuries.Dr. Tamimi described the attacks as “a new massacre and a war crime carried by Israel as part of its annihilation war against the Palestinian people”.

He added that these attacks are added to the Israeli history of war crimes against the Palestinians and yet another violation to the basic principles of human rights and the Geneva Conventions.

Sheikh Tamimi added that “these crimes are carried out under arrogant support of the US administration” .

He demanded the International Community to act immediately and oblige Israel to stop its crimes.

He also said that Israel should be prosecuted at the International Court of Justice for its crimes against innocent Palestinian women and children, and its crimes against homes and holy places.

Sheik Tamimi added that the silence of the International community, and its idleness, encourages Israel to continue its crimes.

Eighteen Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, six children and one reported were among the slain residents. Dozens of injuries were reported. The army also shelled several homes and a mosque in the central Gaza Strip.

Dr. Moawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that the bodies of eight residents, including two children, were severely mutilated. He added that 18 residents, including women and children, suffered moderate-to-severe wounds.