At least 200 villagers from Al Khader village located near Bethlehem city in the southern part of the West Bank along with international and Israeli peace activist protest the illegal wall Israeli is building on the village land.

The protest took the form of holding the Friday prayer in the street at the presence of around 60 Israeli soldiers. The protestors dispersed after the Imam gave a speech to the worshippers and protestors calling for an ongoing nonviolent resistance to end the Israeli occupation.

Speeches were delivered by the local organizes, Coordinator of the Local Committee for Popular Resistance in Bethlehem, Samer Jaber, told IMEMC that Friday’s protest comes to protest the wall and protect the lands of Al Khader.

Jaber added that today the protest was in Solidarity with the Palestinian Political detainees held by Israel.

The Israeli illegal wall, when completed, will consist of 750 km of cement barriers, electric fences equipped with electronic motion sensors. The wall, along with 575 checkpoints and hundreds of watchtowers constitute a matrix of control rooted in a racist attitude.