Palestinian sources reported on Wednesday that Yasser Arafat Student Bloc, which belongs to Fateh movement, won 25 out of 51 seats of the Student Council in Bir Zeit University.  The elections were held on Tuesday April 22.The sources added that the Al Wafa’ Islamic Bloc garnered 19 seats, and the Progressive Democratic Block garnered 5 seats, the Islamic group garnered one seat and the Student Unity Bloc also won one seat. 

The elections started on Tuesday morning as 5283 students out of 6347 (83.24%) casted their votes.  

Bir Zeit University Dean in charge of students’ affairs Dr, Abdul-Karim Abu Khashan, said that the elections were conducted in a democratic way.

Seven blocs  competed in the elections; Yasser Arafat bloc, Al Wafa’ Islamic Bloc, Qawim Islamic Bloc, Progressive Students Union Bloc, Progressive Democratic Bloc, the National Union Bloc, and the Palestinian National Initiative.

Last year, the Al Wafa’ Islamic Block won 22 seats while Yasser Arafat Bloc won 21 seats.

Earlier on Tuesday, Hamas legislator Sameer Halaiqa, accused the Palestinian security forces, loyal to Fateh movement, of intervening in the elections and threatening the spokesperson of the Islamic bloc at the university.  

Halaiqa added that last year, one student identified as Mohammad Raddad, was killed in tension that took place after the security forces meddled into the elections.  

Detained Fateh legislator, Jamal Hweil, saluted Fateh for its victory, and said that this proves that the movement is serious in benefitting from its former mistakes in order to advance and develop its conducts.

Hweil, who was sentenced by an Israeli court to 7 years, stated that students movements play an important role in building the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian movements.