An Israeli air strike wounded on Monday four Palestinian resistance fighters of the Popular Resistance Committees, while driving along the Salah Eldin main road in northern Gaza Strip.
Dr. Mo’awiya Abu Hasanin, chief of emergency and ambulance service in Gaza said that four people were admitted to the Kamal Edwan hospital in northern Gaza Strip.

The latest air strike came hours after the Israeli army tanks had killed earlier a mother and her four children in the Om Alnasser village in northern Gaza Strip.

The military escalation on the ground comes as representatives of Palestinian resistance factions headed for Caior today for talks over possible ceasefire with Israel.

Last Friday, the Israeli government dismissed the ceasefire offer, branding it a maneuver by the ruling Hamas part in Gaza to ‘rearm and reorganize’.

Israeli army spokesman, Avehai Ader’ay, said that the army will conduct investigations into today’s killing of civilians in Gaza.

The Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and the Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, of the ruling Hamas party, condemned the Israeli attacks.