The United Nations voiced yesterday grave concern over the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip in the shadow of strict Israeli blockade and deadly Israeli army attacks.
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, condemned on Monday the latest Israeli army killing of eight Palestinians including a mother and her four children yesterday in the northern Gaza Strip.

Ki-Moon was quoted as saying ‘ it is a responsibility of the security forcers to ensure protection for civilians, in accordance with the international norms’.

He condemned claiming civilian lives, especially the Israeli army killing yesterday of a mother and her little children in the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun.

Meanwhile, operations director of United Nations Works and Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees in Gaza, Mr. Jhon Ging, held a press conference, condemning the Israeli army killing of mother and children.

He also expressed concern over the humanitarian conditions in Gaza in the shadow of the shortage of fuel and essential food items, urging Israel to allow in shipments of fuel and cooking gas to Gaza’s 1.5 million residents.

He declared reception of fuel , needed to run the UNRWA vehicles and that this would help the UNRWA to resume providing services to more that 700,000 registered refugees in Gaza, including food rations distribution and sanitation services.

For the third week in row, Israel continues to close the main fuel terminal in eastern Gaza city in the wake of a Palestinian cross-border attack, further reducing fuel and cooking gad shipments, and thus helping a real crisis across the Gaza Strip.