The Ahrar Center for Detainee’ Studies reported on Tuesday that the Israeli Prison Authorities transferred the Lebanese detainee Naseem Nasr, to administrative detention after he served a six-year term.The Center slammed the Israeli order and stated that it comes in direct violation to the basic principles of human rights as the detainee should be freed instead of being transferred to administrative detention without charges or trial.

The Center added that Nasr was informed of the new decision and that the prison administration told him that the Israeli authorities do not intend to release him.

Furthermore, the Center said that these violations contradict the basic international law and that this decision comes to practice pressure of Naseem as the Lebanon based Hezbollah party demanded his release during the 2004 prisoners swap deal.

Hezbollah is still holding two Israeli soldiers captive since July 12 2006, and is demanding a swap deal through international mediators. After the two soldiers were kidnapped, Israel carried a 33-day war against Lebanon and Hezbollah but failed to free its soldiers.

During the war, Israel killed more than a thousand Lebanese, mostly civilians, and dropped over a million cluster bombs over Lebanon.