Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday that one Palestinian youth was injured during clashes that took place in Qabatia town, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The clashes took place bwteen gunmen and Palesinian security forces.

Security sources in Qabatia stated that as the Palestinian Authority forces were carrying a campaign targeting criminals and stolen cars, armed clashes took place between the forces and unknown gunmen.

Ahmed Ikmeil, 20, was hit with a stray round. Medical sources told IMEMC that Ikmeil underwent a surgery and now lies in the IC room in a critical condition.

On Sunday 600 security officers were deployed in the district of Jenin as part of a US supervised deal between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel.

The those forces were deployed to restore law and order in the city, Palestinian Authority sources told media.

Since Sunday the Palestinian Authority announced that its troops have arrested at least 11 suspects and confiscated at least 20 illegal cars.