Gaza Power Company, the main distributer of electricity in the Gaza Strip, stated on Thursday that it would have to shut down in the coming hours as it ran of the needed fuel to run its generators and the fuel needed to run its equipment and lifts using for maintenance.The Company said that it would be unable to fix any power networks and main power lines.

Jamal Al Dardasawy, head of the Public Relations Office at the Power Plan, stated that the company will stop its work in the coming hours and will not be able to provide the residents with electricity.

He added that 80% of the company’s vehicles will stop unless Israel allows enough fuel supplies. He said that the company needs nearly 30.000 liters of diesel fuel and 5000 liters of gasoline each month, and that the company currently does not the needed amounts.

Al Dardasawy also warned that the technicians and maintenance workers are also unable to reach certain areas to conduct repairs.

The Public Relations official at the Gaza Power Plant voiced an appeal to the European Countries and the Donor Countries to intervene and pressure Israel to allow the entry of the needed fuel so the company can resume its duties.

Translated by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC