Hamas’s leader in Gaza, Mahmoud Alzahar, said on Monday that Israel has an opportunity to seize today as the chief of Egyptian intelligence is submitting to Israel the Hamas ceasefire, mediated by Egypt last month.
In a press conference, held by the preparatory committee for the commemoration of the 60TH anniversary of Palestinian Nakbah (Catastrophe), aL-Zahar, commented on Sulieman’s visit by saying ‘ we will adopt a position in light of the visit’s outcome and we can say that the Israelis have a chance to take now. Our people have the right to resist until they attain their legitimate rights’.

He explained that his party is awaiting to receive the Israeli response from the Egyptian side by tomorrow Tuesday, voicing the hope that the Israelis would weight wisdom and stop hostilities.

From his part, a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza, which did not sign the ceasefire initiative, said that his group’s position has not changed; the Islamic Jihad does not ‘beg’ a truce from Israel and does not either seek such a truce.

Last month, representatives of 12 Palestinian factions agreed in Cairo to a ceasefire offer, the ruling Hamas party had submitted to Egyptian mediators. Israel initially downplayed the offer as ‘ a maneuver by Hamas to rearm and reorganize’ after recent fighting with the Israeli army in Gaza.