Paris asserted yesterday that it stance towards Hamas has not changed and that reported contacts with Hamas were done by a former French diplomat and had nothing to do with Paris’s policy.
A statement , issued by the French presidency following a meeting between president Nicholas Sarcusi and Prime Minister of UAE, Rashed Al Maktoum, stressed that France’s position has not changed a bit’

As for reported French-Hamas contacts, the statement made clear that such contacts have not bee official but rather personal; between a former diplomat and Hamas.

If Paris wants to resume any communications with Hamas, Hamas will first have to accept the three conditions, set by the Quartet Committee for Middle East Peace, renouncing violence, recognizing Israel and accepting past signed peace agreements with Israel, the statement further explained.

Recently, media outlets reported that contacts between Hamas and French officials have been made in order to help advance calm in the region.

The Islamist Hamas party won the January2006’s parliamentary elections in Gaza and the West Bank and since then the international community have been sidelining the party for it continues to shun peace talks with Israel until Israel halts actions against the Palestinian people.