On Thursday, Israeli forces turned over to Egyptian officers the body of a man they claimed was shot while attempting to cross the Egypt-Israel border illegally. The man was a Bedouin, a group known for being nomadic shepherds that are indigenous to the area.


The man was identified as Ayesh Suleiman Moussa, 32. His body was turned over to Egyptian authorities at the Awja crossing in the central part of the Sinai peninsula.

Israeli forces who shot the man claimed only that he was attempting to cross illegally, but would not give more information about the attack. They did not say they will conduct any kind of investigation of the incident.

Egyptian Bedouins, and those living inside the borders of Israel, often find themselves targeted by Israeli forces, because the Israeli authorities continue to refuse to acknowledge their right to a citizenship of any kind. Their plight is distinct, but similar, to that of the indigenous Palestinian people.