Dr. Ahmad Abu Halbiyya, head of Jerusalem Committee at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), head of the Jerusalem International Foundation, strongly denounced the Israeli decision to expand settlements in Jerusalem an considered this decision as an attack against the Arab and Islamic Nations.

Abu Halbiyya called on Amro Mousa, the secretary-general of the Arab League, and Organization of the Islamic Conference, to intervene and stop the Israeli construction and expansion of settlement in Jerusalem.

“This is an attack against all Muslim, Christian, and Arab holy sites in the occupied Jerusalem”, he added.

 He also stated that Israel decided to build 1000 housing units for settlers in North West Jerusalem, and added that the lands where the units will be built are Palestinian owned.

Dr. Halbiyya stressed that this decision is illegal and that any construction on occupied land violates the international law and is considered an act of “raping the Palestinian lands”.

He called on the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to halt all talks and negotiations with Israel as, according to Halbiyya, these talks are only causing more destruction and increasing settlement activities in the occupied West Bank, especially in Jerusalem.

He called on the Arab and Islamic Nations to conduct popular activities in order to expose the illegal Israeli violations in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“Arab and Islamic Parliaments must act and encounter these violations”, he added.