Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, will ask his government to fund a plan to fortify Israeli houses near the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli minister and his deputy, Matan Valnaie, will ask a sum of 400 million shekels (approximately 120 $U.S million) to fortify Israeli houses in Israeli populated centers near the Gaza Strip.

The plan will directly serve those who are located 4.5-kiolmeter away from the Gaza Strip, as 3300 safe shelters will be built in such areas within the next couple of months, Israeli media outlets reported.

Israel has been enforcing a crippling closure on Gaza as the Israeli military has been carrying out an all-out war against launchers of homemade shells onto nearby Israeli towns, since June of last year.

The homemade shells over the past three years have killed at least 13 Israelis, while the Israeli army attacks on Gaza over the past three months have claimed the lives of more than 150 Palestinians involving dozens of children.