Member of the political bureau of Hamas movement, Sami Khater, stated on Saturday that Hamas and Fateh delegates are holding talks in Dakar – Senegal, in an attempt to resolve their differences, but added that these talks are still in early stages.

The Palestine Information Center, a news website run by Hams movement, interviewed Khater who said that a delegation of Hamas movement went on Wednesday to Dakar after being invited by the Senegalese president in an attempt to end the internal conflict between Fateh and Hamas.

 Khater stated that the Hamas team includes Emad Al Alami and Mohammad Nasr, both members of the Hams’ political bureau.

Khater said that Senegal presented a national reconciliation initiative and asked Hamas to dispatch delegates to discuss it. Hamas welcomed the invitation and said that it welcomes any Arab, Islamic or International effort to restore the Palestinian unity.

Khater added that Hamas believes in dialogue without any preconditions, as unconditional talks, according to Khater, are the only means to end the current crisis and internal divisions.