Palestinians said that two more patients died on Tuesday at night due to the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

Fouziah Fakher, 59, died on Tuesday night after surfing from a hart disease and complications with the kidneys. Fakher is an Egyptian woman who came to Gaza several months ago to visit relatives and was stranded there. She tried to leave the Gaza Strip several times but the army refused.

Meanwhile also on Tuesday night Raja’ Abu Zied, 17, died of cancer, she is a resident of Rafah city in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, local sources reported.

Doctors stated that she have applied to the Israeli army for permission to leave Gaza for the life saving medical care she needed but the army refused.

With those two women, the number of patients who died in Gaza due to the Israeli siege now stands at 184. Israel has placed the Gaza Strip under total siege on June 2007.