Israeli hackers of the Kahana Hai Israeli terrorist group managed on Thursday morning to hack the Arabs48 news website, and the Machsom website which presents an alternative view to the Jewish readers, and uploaded statements of incitement against the Palestinians and Arabs.

The hackers also hacked the websites of Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, Al Balad political party in Israel, that of the Hagada Hasmalit (the left bank), the Kibush (occupation) and several other websites.

 The hackers first uploaded the Israeli national anthem on the sites, and placed the emblem of the terrorist Kach movement which was formed by Meer Kahane, in addition to placing the emblem of Kahana Hai movement which is considered as a successor to Kach movement.

The hackers wrote in English: “You are murderers, who put in danger the entire world…” and “You kill without a reason, abduct Israeli soldiers, open fire at Israelis, you kill and kill, we wish death to all of you, a painful death..”

The administration of the Arabs48 website said that this attempt aims at stopping a central news agency which publishes critical news and information on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The administration added that the website was repeatedly attacked in the past by different hackers and added that “the terrorist of Kahana group will never silence us, and will never harm our determination”.

Moreover, Israeli Ynet News website, reported that the hacker group calls itself Fanat al-Radical (The Fanatical Radicals) said that it managed to hack several websites that “belong to a number of leftist groups and various terror organization”, according to the group.

One of the representatives of the group, speaking to the Ynet in condition of anonymity, said that the group “searched for websites that are leftist and Anti-Zionist and looked for loopholes”. He added that the group’s main emphasis is the Al Qassam website.

 He also said that the ages of the group of hackers are between 16 and 28 years, ad added that his groups hacked in the past a number of Arab and anti-Zionist websites”.

 In addition to the Hamas military wing’s site, they also hacked the Al Balad political party in Israel, the Hagada Hasmalit (the left bank), the Kibush (occupation) site and more, the Ynet news website added.

According to the Ynet, the hackers said they are not connected to Kach terrorist party although they placed the slogan of the movement which says “Kahane was right” as they clearly posted the symbol of Kach party “a yellow and black fist”.

The hackers said that they do not intend to stop and that they are planning to carry additional attacks in the future.

The Al Qassam Brigades reported after restoring its website that the website was hacked more than ten times in the past and that it’s “dedicated engineers always managed to restore it”.