Palestinian sources reported on Monday that the Rafah terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt will open for three days starting on Tuesday.

The sources added that the first two days will be for departure and the third for residents willing to return to Gaza.

The Border Administration in Gaza reported that it is holding talks with Egypt in order to determine the criteria that would determine who will be allowed to leave Gaza through the terminal, which will be opened until evening hours on Thursday.

The criteria is based on lists of names registered at the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. It will be published in agreement with the Egyptian side and no other residents will be allowed through.

The Ministry of Interior at the Hamas dissolved government in Gaza urged residents not to head to the terminal and said that only the residents who are approved for departure should head there in order  to avoid jams and delays.

The ministry approved arrangements in order to avoid hold ups and prepared a place where the residents who wish to travel would gather. The terminal administration would then use loud speakers in announcing the names of the registered residents.

Ehab Al Ghussein, spokesperson of the Gaza government, stated that the priority would be for patients and for residents who entered Gaza and remained stuck there.

Yet, Israeli military sources reported on Monday that Israel decided to close all Gaza border crossings due to the firing of homemade shells into adjascent Israeli areas, but there was no official release commenting on the ageement to open the Rafah terminal.