Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, warned that the situation is Gaza is disastrous and called on Egypt to find a solution to the Rafah border terminal  in order to open it regularly until achieving a final solution The movement also held president Mahmoud Abbas partially responsible for the ongoing siege on Gaza as he, according the movement, rejected a proposed formula which plans the opening of the Rafah terminal, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that the Wednesday incident, when the residents rushed towards the border with Egypt was not a planned incident but came as a natural response as the residents lived so many months under a strict siege.   

He added that the movement calls on Egypt to place a plan to regularly open the terminal in order to enable the residents to travel, especially the patients and the students.

Au Zuhri also held president Mahmoud Abbas partially responsible for the suffering of Gaza residents as he, according to Abu Zuhri, continues to reject a plan which was achieved to open the terminal.

“President Abbas rejected a plan achieved with the Egyptians in order to open the terminal”, Abu Zuhri said, “this proves that he is not willing to open the crossing in this stage, therefore, he is partially responsible for the continued suffering of the people”.

Abu Zuhri also slammed statement by Abbas made on Tuesday in an interview with the Al Hayat newspaper in London in which he said that “Hamas must accept the international demands”. He said that these statements are preconditions that aim at fooling all efforts which intend to see the resumption of talks between Fateh and Hamas.