Local media reported that a Palestinian man was shot by Israeli troops on Monday morning in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, near the border fence between Israel and Gaza.

Locals stated that this is the second shooting attempt by the Israeli army after they shot and killed a Palestinian child last week.


Medical sources reported that the young man was moderately wounded injury, and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.


A spokesman for the ruling Hamas party in Gaza, Fawzi Barhoom, reported that the Israeli army continues to target Palestinians near the Israel – Gaza borders.  He considers this a a violation of the terms of the 3-week old truce.


The Hamas spokesman also added that Israel is taking advantage of the fact that there is very little international pressure exerted on the Jewish state to stop it from attacking the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. He said that this indicates that Israel is acting freely in violating the terms of the truce.


Barhoom demanded that Egypt, the state which brokered the truce, intervene to demand that Israel adhere to the terms of the truce.  He did not indicate what the consequences would be of continued Israeli violations, but other Hamas leaders have stated that they would attack Israel in return if Israel continues its violations.  There have been over ten Israeli violations of the truce in Gaza, including both deaths and casualties of Palestinian civilians. 


In addition, Israel has continued its daily invasions and attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank, the second Palestinian territory, which was not included in the truce.  Israeli authorities allege two violations of the truce by Palestinian fighters, neither of which caused any deaths or casualties.