Israeli sources said that a bulldozer driver hit a number of cars at a busy street in Jerusalem City; the sources said that 16 Israelis were injured in the attack. Israeli police said that a security guard opened fire at the bulldozer driver and killed him. Medical sources reported that one sustained moderate wounds and the rest were light injured. Earlier in July a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem attacked a number of Israeli cars killing three Israelis. He was not known to be affiliated with any Palestinian militant group. CNN reported that the attack took place near the hotel where the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will be staying during his short visit to the region. Obama arrives in Israel later today. "The bulldozer driver left a construction site, and hit two cars," an Israeli police spokesman said. The source identified that attacker as Hassan Abu Tir, a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem. Israeli police sealed off the roads entering and exiting the predominantly Palestinian parts of East Jerusalem.  Police stated that they are tracking down two suspects who were said to flee the scene.