The Israeli army kidnaps 16 civilians on Thursday dawn from the West Bank cities of Jenin , Hebron and SalfitLocal sources reported that a number of Israeli vehicles invaded Jenin and started shooting sound bombs and gunfire at random. Israeli troops walked the city;s streets and searched several homes including the residence of Rami Dawahde, 23, kidnapping him and taking him to unknown destination.

His family reported that Israeli troops left damages at the house and they caused panic among kids in the family as they shot gunfire and sound bombs. Moreover the father of the kidnapped civilian suffered from a nervous breakdown due to what he saw and was transferred to a local hospital.

In Hebron city, Israeli troops kidnapped 13 civilians while searching and ransacking houses in the city, troops closed the city entrance and hindered the movement of civil cars.

In the West Bank city of Salfit, Israeli troops kidnapped 2 civilians while ransacking homes in Kuful Village southern the city. Israeli army shot gunfire causing panic among women and children.