Arab member of Israeli Knesset Ibrahim Sarsur, stated on Friday that while the Arab world is choosing peace, Israel still prefers the use of force and war. The MK also said that Israel must withdraw from Jerusalem if it wants peace. The statements of Sarsour came as he participated in a Muslim festival on Friday along with thousands of Arab people.

Sarsour also added that Israel is to be held accountable for most of the risks and challenges the region is facing.

 He added that “if Israel believes peace if possible without withdrawing from East Jerusalem, then it is living in an illusion”. He added that “Prophet Mohammad’s journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and from there he ascended to heaven, created an eternal connection to the holy city”.

 Referring to the political situation in the Palestinian territories, Sarsour said the internal conflicts are casting doubts around the world over the Palestinian readiness to establish an independent state.

The Arab MK also called for early elections in the Palestinian Authority.

 “We should act immediately and change this impression that was created”, he said, “This can only be achieved by early elections”.

 The MK added that all Arab parties should unite ahead of the upcoming Knesset elections in Israel and called for unity among the Arab community in Israel and for unity between the northern and southern branches of the Islamic Movement in Israel.