Palestinian security sources reported that Palestinian and Israeli security officials held a meeting on Monday at the Palestinian Security Headquarters in Jenin city to discuss security issues such as easing roadblocks and erasing ‘wanted fighter’ files.According to the sources, one of the key topics was a Palestinian request to fully control the Jenin district after the success of the security forces in maintaining law and order in the area.

During the two-hour meeting, the Palestinian side demanded that Israel ease restrictions on the movement of residents and goods through the Al Jalama roadblock, in addition to easing all restrictions limiting the entry of Arab residents of Israel into the area.

Hundreds of Arab residents of Israel enjoy shopping in Jenin but the Israeli closures and restrictions bar them from doing so, thus negatively impacting the city’s economy.

The Palestinians also requested the army stop its invasions, erase the file of ‘wanted fighters’, and remove constraints on the construction of a sports stadium in the city. They asked that Israel remove Al Hamra Roadblock and resolve the issues that continue to obstruct the establishment of the Jenin Industrial area, located on the Palestinian-Israeli border.

The two sides also discussed the detainees currently imprisoned by Israel. The Palestinian officials maintained that the Israeli decision to only release 150 detainees was insufficient as approximately 1,1000 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.