Israeli Ynet News reported on Monday that eighteen taxi drivers decided to resign from the Gilo taxi station after learning that their new boss and owner of the station is a Palestinian businessman from East Jerusalem. The station employs twenty-three drivers and only five of them will remain after the rest decided to leave upon learning that the station will be sold to an Arab.

The station, called Gilo Taxis, was established almost 25 years ago and is considered one of the oldest taxi stations in the Jerusalem area. Its owner, Avi Gabay, had to sell the station due to financial issues. The new owner is from Jabal Al Mokabbir Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

The Ynet News reported that most of the drivers are supporters of far right parties in Israel and found it difficult to accept the Arab man as their new boss. The eighteen drivers who decided to resign said that they will establish their own station.

One of the drivers maintained that the decision to sell the station to an Arab was a total suprise and also, in his eyes, unbelievable. He argued that the original Israeli owner would not even accept a receipt from an Arab passenger and rarely agreed to drive Arab passengers.

Another driver, who has worked at the station for 10 years, described the new situation as ‘impossible’.

The owner of the station, Gabay, said that he experienced financial difficulties last year and that those drivers who are angry at him never offered to help.

He also said that the deal is not finalized yet, but added that he does not care that the new buyer is an Arab as he is an Israeli citizen.