Israel will keep border crossings into the Gaza Strip closed to commercial and humanitarian goods ‘until further notice,’ Israeli media outlets reported Wednesday.The Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak ordered the borders closed late on Monday, despite of the ongoing talks to free the captured Israeli soldier in Gaza Strip Gilad Shalit.

The decision, according to Israeli media sources, comes after an alleged violation of the truce deal between Hamas and Israel.

According to a Palestinian source, Israel has violated the truce more than 50 times in the first few days following the begining of truce.

Israel says, Palestinians fired home-made shells at Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip.

This closure of the crossings violates the terms of the Egyptian-brokered a ceasefire truce on 19 June negotiated by Hamas and Israel, which stipulates that Hamas would halt firing home-made shells into Israel, in exchange of lifting the year-long siege on the Gaza Strip.