Head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement, Khalid Mashal, delivered a speech on Monday evening in Cairo calling for a national unity conference under Egyptian supervision next month, in order to sign a national unity deal between all factions.Mashal added that the Egyptian mediators are finalizing a national unity agreement that would be signed by all factions next month after studying it.

He held a meeting with the Egyptian Intelligence Chief, Omar Suleiman, and stated that Suleiman and other Egyptian officials are formulating the final draft of the unity agreement.

Mashal described the meeting as positive and added that the Egyptian document is a solid ground for reconciliation.

“We in Hamas extend our hands for reconciliation with Fateh”, the Hamas political leader stated, “We are determined to achieve unity. That is why we came to Egypt in person instead of sending a letter with our response”.

Meanwhile, Fateh movement welcomed the speech of Mashal and considered it a positive step towards reconciliation.

Several other Palestinian factions also welcomed Mashal’s statements as a step towards reconciliation.

The main points of Mashal’s speech:

1.Ending divisions, achieving unity, and signing a deal.
2.Halting all coordination between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.
3.Calling on the Arab states to defend Jerusalem and base their relations with the United States on Israeli withdrawal from the holy city and Palestine.
4.Calling on the Arab and Islamic nations to act in solidarity with the Palestinian against the Israeli violations in Jerusalem.
5.Calling on the U.S to intervene and stop the Israeli violations in Jerusalem and Palestine.