Israeli sources reported Tuesday evening that a settler suffered mild to moderate wounds when gunmen opened fire at his vehicle driving near Shvut Rachel settlement, north of Jerusalem. Dozens of police and army vehicles arrived at the scene while a helicopter transferred the wounded settler to a hospital in Israel.

The army conducted military searches in the area, and installed several roadblocks.

Meanwhile, three Palestinian armed group separately claimed responsibility for the shooting. The three groups are the “Forqan Brigades”, the “Mujahidin Brigades”, and “Imad Moghaniyya” brigades.

Israeli Ynet News reported that the attack took place approximately at 8 pm Tuesday, and that the wounded settler continued driving until he reached the entrance of Kida settlement where he received the needed medical aid before he was transferred to Ein Karem Israeli hospital in Jerusalem.

Head of the Benyamin Regional Council, Avi Roeh, told the Ynet that this is the fourth shooting attack this month.