The family of Mohammad Issa Abu Ghaniyya, believed to be dead since 1969, stated that they were recently informed that some detainees saw their son alive at the Karmonid Israeli Prison, between Al Lodd and Al Ramla, north of the country. Abu Ghaniyya was captured by Israel after he participated with other fighters in an attack against the Israeli military in July of 1969.

The attack became known as Tubas Battle; nobody ever heard any information about him since then, and he was presumed dead.

But recently, 40 years later, several detainees said that they saw him alive, and that he is currently imprisoned at the Karmonid prison.

He is now in his sixties, he used to be a member of the Palestinian Liberation Brigades, which operated under the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

The Maan News Agency reported his family had asked its reporter to publish the news about their son, and appealed the PLO, the Palestinian National Authority and the Ministry of Detainees to follow the case and provide answers about the fate of their son.

The family stated that if he is dead, they want to know where his body is, and if he alive, they want to know his whereabouts.

A freed detainee who is currently in Jordan, recognized the picture of Abu Ghaniyya and confirmed to the family that their son is alive, and is imprisoned by Israel, in solidarity confinement, since he was captured 40 years ago.