Israeli soldiers detained on Sunday three Palestinians and five Israeli peace activists during a peaceful protest in support of local farmers who are subjected to constant attacks and violations by the Israeli settlers in the Hebron area. The protest started from a southern Hebron village, located near a two illegal settlement outposts installed on privately owned Palestinian lands.

Eyewitness reported that the army used excessive violence against the peaceful protesters, and attacked them with baton and rifle butts. Several protesters were wounded.

The army forced the activists out of the area and claimed that their presence poses a threat to the security of nearby settlements.

Israeli and International activists, accompanied by local residents, marched south of Hebron demanding the army to allow the villager to cultivate their orchards, adjacent to Israeli settlements and outposts.

The residents are demanding to have access to their lands that became isolated behind the Annexation Wall.

International and Israeli peace activists are participating in a campaign that aims at helping the Palestinian villagers cultivate their olive trees especially since the settlers escalate their attacks during the olive harvest season.