Hamdi Shaath of the Governmental Committee Against the Siege in Gaza stated Tuesday that the Miles of Smiles European Convoy, struck in Egypt since more than 25 days, will hopefully be allowed into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Shaath added that the convoy was supposed to enter Gaza on Tuesday but had to delay in order to complete last-minute preparations.

The aid convoy carries medical and humanitarian aid for wounded children and civilians, and residents with special needs, including those who became disabled by Israeli shells and fire during the war.

Miles of Smiles convoy was supposed to be allowed into Gaza 25 days ago, but was delayed by the Egyptian Authorities.

The convoy is organized by the Partners For Peace And Development in cooperation with the Governmental Committee Against the Siege, the Maan News Agency reported.

It contains 100 small trucks filled with medical supplies, wheelchairs, and a number of ambulances.

Nearly 100 supporters from 10 European countries, including representatives of institutions and charitable societies that provided financial support to the convoy, are onboard.