As the Palestinians mark the fifth anniversary of the death of the late Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat, Fateh movement called on Hamas to sign the Egyptian Initiative for internal Palestinian unity.The movement stated that unity is the only solution to end the current rifts and to strengthen the internal Palestinian front amidst the challenges and the ongoing Israeli violations.

The movement issued a press release stating that it will remain steadfast on the same path of the late president, Arafat, and that it will never give sway or abandon the legitimate Palestinian rights of statehood, independence.

The statement added that Jerusalem is the capital of the future independent and sovereign Palestinian state, and that ending the occupation, liberating Jerusalem, and achieving the Right of Return are red lines the Palestinian will never abandon.

The movement expressed full support to president Mahmoud Abbas, as the leader and the only presidential candidate of the movement in the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, Fateh slammed that American stance especially as the US government backed down on its demand that Israel should halt settlement activities before the peace process can be resumed.

The movement said that settlements are war crimes, and that the United States should demand Israel to halt all of its settlement activities.