Member of the Hamas Political Bureau, Mahmoud Zahhar, stated that nobody will be sorry to see President Mahmoud Abbas leaving his political life and position as president, and added that Abbas did not achieve any positive accomplishment. Zahhar also stated that Abbas conspired with the United Sates and Israel against his own people and against the results of 2006 general elections which brought Hamas to power.

The Hamas leader further stated that Abbas is not a loved leader, and that his decision not to run for president in the upcoming elections does not have any political significance “as his own people want him to step down”.

He added that when the late Egyptian President, Jamal Abdul-Nasser, resigned on June 9 1967 following the six-day war, he was still a loved and well respected president, “but Abbas is neither loved nor respected by his people”, he said.

Abu Zuhri added that the statements of Dr. Saed Erekat regarding the resignation of Abbas and transferring the presidency for Hamas official, Dr. Aziz
Dweik, head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, are only attempts to cast the blame of the failure of the peace process on Hamas and its leadership.