The central committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization extended on Wednesday President Mahmoud Abbas and the Legislative Council terms.

At the meeting today in the central West Bank city of Ramallah the committee announced that both terms are extended until the next elections.

The PLO Central Committee called on Hamas to sign the Egyptian mediated document for national unity between Palestinian factions so elections could be made. Hamas has refused to sign the Egyptian-presented reconciliation paper, of which Fatah had already signed. Hamas want some points on the document changed.

Since coming to power in January of 2006, Hamas has been at odds with the Fatah party until a bloody clash broke out in June of 2007, leading to ejection by Hamas of Fatah-linked PA forces from Gaza. President Abbas of Fatah outlawed Hamas, as a result.

In response to The PLO Central Committee decision today, Hamas announced that extending Abbas term as a President of the Palestinian Authority is illegal and contradicts with the Palestinian constitution.

For extending the Legislative Council term Hamas said that the legislators will be changed after the next elections. The Hamas party holds the majority of the Legislative Council seats.