Netanyahu, worked hard to foil a prisoner-swap deal with the Hamas movement in Gaza and insisted to increase the number of detainees Israel demands to deport in case they were released. A number of Israeli government officials stated that Prime Minister, Benjamin
He insisted on deporting the detainees to the Gaza strip and abroad while Israeli security and military leaders insisted on reaching a deal to ease the public pressure on the deal.

Israeli TV, Channel One, reported on Monday at night that Netanyahu held marathon talks over the past two days, and decided to hand the German mediator a list of detainees Israel is willing to release in exchange for the release of prisoner of war, Gilad Shalit.

The list includes the names of 125 detainees presented by Hamas. Israel already agreed to release 325 detainees mentioned in the list of 450 detainees.

The gap also remains on the positions of Israel and Hamas regarding the 125 detainees, and the Israeli demand to deport them.

Abu Mujahid of the Popular Resistance Committees said that the factions holding Shalit captive would hold a meeting to discuss the Israeli stance directly after receiving the list from the German mediator.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the inner cabinet of seven ministers is still divided over the swap deal and continued to debate on the issue on Tuesday while Israeli protestors, for the deal and against it, continued to protest outside Netanyahu’s office.

Israel is rejecting the release of several Hamas fighters, detainees believed to be involved in killing Israeli soldiers and settlers, detained involved in suicide bombings, and is rejecting to release secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Saadat, and Fateh leader Marwan