Israeli soldiers invaded on Tuesday at dawn the village of Bil’in, near the Central West Bank city of Ramallah, and kidnapped two children after breaking into their homes.The Friends of Freedom and Justice (FTJ)– Bil’in, reported that several Israeli military jeeps loaded with approximately 50 soldiers invaded the village and kidnapped Hamouda Imad Yassin, 16, and Ibrahim Khalil Yassin, 16.

Troops searched the homes of the two children and took them to unknown destinations after handcuffing them.

The FTJ reported that it has only been one month since Hamouda and Khalil were released from prison where they had been held for five months.

The village is Bil’in, the leading in nonviolent resistance against the illegal annexation Wall and illegal Jewish settlements. This invasion is the latest of a series of ongoing attacks carried out by the military for the last six months.

The army is trying to stop the villages and their supporters from conducting their weekly nonviolent protests against the Wall and settlements.