Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported that Ismail Haniyya of Hamas, Prime Minister of the Gaza government dissolved by President Mahmoud Abbas, is seeking to expand his government as a number of ministers in his limited governments are holding several ministerial posts.The sources added that this step is meant to improve the services in the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip.

Haniyya previously conducted a number of modifications to his government as he assigned Sa’id Siyam to be the Interior Minister, and after Israel assassinated him during the war one year ago, Hanniya appointed Fathi Hammad.

He also appointed new minister to hold the portfolios of Justice, Labor, Waqf and Social Affairs.

In June of 2007, Palestinian President dissolved the elected government of Haniyya and assigned Dr. Salaam Fayyad to form a new government. The government of Fayyad is still active in the West Bank, while the Hamas government is trying to survive in Gaza.

The governments of Haniyya and Fayyad continue to trade accusation regarding arrests, attacks, and regarding the legitimacy of their governments.

Despite repeated attempt to achieve unity and reconciliation, Hamas and Fateh movements seem to running in opposite directions and unity remains a far fetch today than it was before, especially since the term of Abbas in office ends this coming January.