After voicing a shy call on Israeli to halt the construction of hundreds of new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, the United States administration called on the Palestinians and Israel to resume the stalled peace process. White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, stated that the United States is against the construction of settlements in East Jerusalem, and added that this issue should be discussed and resolved during peace talks.

Gibbs added that unilateral and preempting acts jeopardize the already stalled peace process, and that Jerusalem is of utmost importance to Jews, Muslims and Christians.

A statement issued by the White House only peace talks can lead to a solution that protects the status of Jerusalem around the globe.

The statements of the White House followed statement by the European Union. The statement came after Israel announced a decision to build 700 more homes for Jewish settlers in the occupied Arab, Palestinian city of East Jerusalem.

The EU Presidency said that settlements are built in occupied territories; therefore they are illegal and violate the International Law.
Sweden currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union.

The EU called on Israel to reconsider its decision as it creates further obstacles and creates a negative atmosphere that’s obstructs the resumption of the peace process and the two-state solution.

The Palestinian Authority demanded the United States to take a decisive stance against the ongoing Israel violations.