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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday, January 11th, 2010

Two, reported dead in Gaza as army attacks in the West Bank leaves a man injured. These stories and more, coming up, stay tuned.

The News Cast

A Palestinian child was reported dead on Monday after he was unable to leave the Gaza Strip for the medical care he needed. Three year old Mayisarah Mussa had a heart condition, but doctors were unable to treat him in the Gaza Strip because of the siege. Doctors said that he needed an operation to save his life but the Israeli military did not give his family the necessary permission to take him out of the coastal region.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza with Mussa’s death, the number of patients who died because of the Israeli siege has now reached 368. The Israeli military started its siege on the Gaza Strip in June of 2006.

Also on Monday a young man was reported dead after he fell into a tunnel at the southern Gaza Strip borders with Egypt. Local sources identified the man as Fadi Azzam, 20 years old, from Rafah city. Witnesses told local media that Azzam fell inside a tunnel that he works in and died because of the fall.

Staying in Gaza, Palestinians organized a nonviolent protest today at the northern Gaza borders with Israel. The protesters were joined by international supporters. Waving Palestinian flags, people marched toward the Israeli wall at the boarder line near Biet Hannon town.

The organizers told media that their action was to prevent the military from shooting at local farmers while working their lands. The Israeli military frequently invade the area near the wall and shoot at farmers and their homes in order to create a buffer zone near the wall.

Elsewhere one man was injured and three other civilians were kidnapped, among them two children, on Monday during separate military attacks targeting a number of West Bank communities.

Issa Al Showaheen sustained moderate wounds when Israeli troops opened fire at his car near Hebron city southern West Bank, local sources reported. The Israeli military claimed that Showaheen tried to run them over with his car before they opened fire. Showaheen sustained wounds to his abdomen and the military moved him to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem city.

Also near Hebron, Israeli troops searched and ransacked a number of homes at Al Arop refugee camp. Troops kidnapped two children, Haytham Abu Adee and Salah Al Titti, both 14 years olds, before leaving the camp, witnesses told local media.

In another invasion targeting the central West Bank city of Ramallah, Israeli troops kidnapped a Palestinian man after searching his house. The Israeli army radio announced that all those kidnapped on Monday were moved to military detention camps for questioning


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