Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, welcomed the report of Amnesty International in which it demanded Israel to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, and stated that the siege leaves more than 1.4 million Palestinians cut off from the outside world and struggling with desperate poverty. Palestinian Legislator of the Hamas movement, Dr. Salah Bardaweel, said that the Amnesty report expresses rejection to the ongoing Israeli violations and crimes against the Palestinian people.

He added that this report could not have been made without the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, their struggle, and their sacrifices.

Dr. Bardaweel also stated that the Israeli violations are considered War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, and that this siege is only one form of Israeli violations and crimes.

He stated that, sooner or later, Israel’s leaders will be brought to justice, and will be prosecuted by international courts.

The Hamas leader said that the movement welcomes the report of Amnesty, and demanded the group to act on ending the illegal Israeli siege, and aggression.

Amnesty Report