Azmi Shiokhy, head of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Program in the West Bank, stated that several Israeli factories in are pumping and burying their toxins in several areas in the occupied West Bank. Shiokhy added that the factories are having their trucks, loaded with toxic materials, driving to the West Bank to dump their loads in various areas.

He issued a written statement revealing that the Israeli occupation is using the occupied West Bank as a dumpster for toxic waste.

The official demanded the Palestinian Authority and international organizations to act against this dangerous issue due to its serious effects on nature and on the residents.

This violation is similar to repeated violations by the settlers in the occupied West Bank, as the settlers repeatedly flood their sewage onto agricultural Palestinian areas, in addition to dumping toxic waste produced by their factories in a number of settlements.

The settlers have also repeatedly uprooted Palestinian trees and orchards, and set ablaze large areas of agricultural lands.