Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated Wednesday that there is a chance that the stalled peace process would be unconditionally resumed in the coming few weeks. Netanyahu said that the “International community now realizes that Israel wants to resume the peace process”, and that the “road is clear for resuming the talks”.

The statements of Netanyahu came during his closing speech at the annual Herzilia conference.

He said that “fate of the Jewish people is connected with the fate of the state of Israel”, and added that there is “a need to strengthen Israel’s security capabilities”.

Netanyahu further stated that “a weak Israel reduces the chances of peace”.

The Israeli Prime Minister anticipated that Israel’s security needs will increase in the coming two decades, and added that fulfilling the security needs also boosts Israel’s security.

He said that Israel can increase its economic development by 5% annually, and expressed rejection to increasing taxes.

Netanyahu also announced that a new plan would be presented to the government soon, and that it includes a comprehensive transportation system in Israel, and what he described as “revolutionary reformations in development and construction”.