Palestinian sources reported Monday that five nonviolent protestors, including two women of the International Council of Churches, were wounded after being attacked by fundamentalist Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The settlers attack local residents and peace activists who peacefully gathered in solidarity with the owners of confiscated homes and owner of homes the settlers plan to steal.

Three women of the International Council of Churches were wounded along with two local residents.

The two wounded Palestinians were identified as Ayman Al Ghawi and Maher Hannoun.
The Israeli police did not detain any of the attacking settlers and instead kidnapped Nasser Abdul-Fattah Al Ghawi, 45, and took him to an unknown destination.

Last year, an Israeli court allowed fundamentalist settlers to move into Palestinian homes in the neighborhood. The settlers are planning a massive takeover in Sheikh Jarrah and are calling for expelling the Palestinian natives from the area.