The United States denounced a statement by Yitzhak Aharonovich, Israel’s Internal Security Minister, who said that the government intends to demolish Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem in the coming days, and considered the declaration is a provocative act that affects proximity talks.A White White official said that both parties must refrain from any acts that could jeopardize the talks, and added that the U.S will question any party responsible for counterproductive unilateral measures.

He stated that the first round of talks was concluded last week, and that both parties are trying to advance despite the difficult situation, and added that the United States will question any party responsible for obstructing the talks.

The White House stated that the official policy on Jerusalem is the same and that this issue must be resolved in final status talks between the two parties.

The White House added that it is essential to make a progress in proximity talks so that the Palestinians and Israel can advance into direct talks to resolve this issue and other main issues.

Meanwhile, U.S Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, slammed the demolishing of homes in East Jerusalem and called on the Israeli Government and the Jerusalem Municipality to refrain from such provocative acts.

Yitzhak Aharonovitch, joined Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, in stating that constructions in Jerusalem are not part of settlement freeze, and added that Israel will continue demolish what he called unlicensed homes in East Jerusalem.

Aharonovitch told the Knesset Wednesday that Israel froze the demolishing of homes for two months in order to give proximity talks a chance to advance, but added that the police should be able to demolish “unlicensed” homes.

The Jerusalem Municipality refrains from granting construction permits to the Arabs in occupied East Jerusalem while at the same time is constructing homes for Jewish settlers in Arab neighborhoods.