The EU desires the Gaza blockade lifted, international participants in any inquiry. Israel wants future ships stopped before they leave port.The EU has expressed to Israel its desire to see the blockade of Gaza ended. This also comes in conjunction with a call to include international participants with real power on Israel’s recently announced internal inquiry into the killings on the Gaza flotilla this past May.

The EU statement decried the loss of life and the absence of an independent, impartial inquiry into the events that unfolded on the Mavi Marmara on May 31 and warned that for any inquiry to garner respect it should look ‘to command the confidence of the international community this should include credible international participation.’

It also declared that, ‘The situation in Gaza remains unsustainable. The continued policy of closure is unacceptable and politically counterproductive. The EU calls for an urgent and fundamental change of policy leading to a durable solution to the situation in Gaza.’

These statements were part of a measured declaration which also included calling for an end to any rockets being fired out of Gaza and access to and release of Gilad Shalit and a stop to all interference with the UN and other NGO’s in Gaza.

Israel’s response to the EU’s statement called for an end to all future ships leaving EU ports for Gaza while also preventing any organizing for such causes.